Small win is win!!!

Often we work hard to achieve certain things, or bigger things rather and when we fail we label ourselves as “failures”. But then again those are societal stigmas that we often find ourselves trying to live up to.

Sitting down under unreasonable pressure of what the girl next door has achieved at 21 I’d almost forgot the lil things that I myself have achieved, and how proud I should be.

We literally need to start considering and appreciating the small victories in our lives. I mean waking up and just being able to make your bed should really count for something, then take a shower, fix yourself some breakfast and now you can maybe start working on that big project.

All am saying is it’s important to start from the bottom all the way to the top. We must also learn to be kind to ourselves, i mean yeah you not driving a Mercedes like your colleague but let it be a matter of “…not yet” , besides you got the job that right there sweetheart is a victory.

I think what am trying to emphasize in a nutshell is we need to appreciate small victories and see how that builds a momentum into achieving greater things, and remember “a small win is a win”.


  1. This is actually profound. Often we find ourselves in so much pressure which we place ourselves under. And also associating success with age is the mistake we make and that can psychologically impact our success because we think we should achieve certain things at a certain age, and that is how we set ourselves up for depression because we overlook the “small wins”. Thank you Miss Shai for sharing this word, its needed.

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    1. Couldn’t have said it any better sis, we are gradually turning into a depressed society because we fail to appreciate and make the most of smaller things in our lives…


  2. You have reflected something that requires YOUTH attantion. We don’t believe in thin achievements while great achievements were once thin achievements. I’m afraid to get a sneak peek of the future vision.

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