Make a choice and live with it

One day I was on the phone with my sister cousin and she said “…you need to pick your struggle and live with it.” Those are the words that made me realise nothing is actually a perfect fit (choice), you just gotta find something worth living for.

Choices are hard to make, especially when your life is about to take a turn because of those choices, I mean it’s still hard enough for me to decide on which pair of sox to put on for the night or what to eat for breakfast… Then how much more when it’s a life changing decision? I personally succumb to the predicament that comes with choosing.

The real struggle with making a choice is the need to make the right choice. It can be as simple as choosing an ice-cream flavour to buy, or as hard as taking out a life insurance policy with a certain company, we all just want to choose something that suits our needs best. Below is a few pointers I want you to consider before making a choice next time:

1. Research. It is important to know what you getting yourself into! It could be a tertiary you wish to enroll with, a career you want to pursue or a company you want to invest with, honey make your research as thorough as possible. Take your time and utilise every research mechanism within your disposal to find out what you must about the country where you wanna have your vacation.

2. Benefits. Literally everything has both pros and cons, so you better weigh your options and get the one you stand to benefit the most from. Honey before you choose the love of your life tick your love list, do they make you happy? Do they support your vision? Do they invest in your growth and wellbeing? Then once you got like a 50 plus yeses, you can consider spending the rest of your life with that particular individual.

3. Consequences
Yes you wanna make the best choices for yourself, but are you prepared to live with them? Firstly don’t just make choices to please others or to fulfill a short-lived excitement, but make a choice that is befitting to your need and is worth struggling for. Honey love yourself enough and make choices to build a life you won’t regularly need to escape from.


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